Meet Jasper and Scruff!

Smart Kitty. Mucky Pup.
Written and Illustrated by Nicola Colton
Published by Stripes

I love highly illustrated books, from picture books to chapter books. These new characters and their troubles land perfectly in between picture books and chapter books. They are sized as an early chapter book and feature the illustrations of a picture book, planting them firmly in the middle, in my opinion.

Jasper is a neat and tidy kitty. He likes things to be orderly and arranged in his own way. When we first meet Jasper, he is keen to be part of the Sophisticats, a society for exceptional felines. Jasper gets his chance to entertain the society members by hosting a dinner party, which he meticulously plans. What Jasper does not plan on, is Scruff. This puppy lives up to his name….dirty, smelly and licky. Following Jasper home, Scruff soon finds himself playing the silent game and hide and go seek while Jasper deals with the bossy and demanding Sophisticats.

It doesn’t take Jasper long to decide this society for exceptional felines is not for him and Scruff is allowed to join the fun. Well, fancy cats, a scruffy dog and a chocolate cake are a perfect mix for trouble.

A funny, delightful book for those children feeling ready to take the leap into independent reading and for all who love a good story.

Delighted to say book 2 is nearly available and it continues with the best friends as they open a bookstore aptly named The Mog and Mutt. One morning a mysterious cloaked figure arrives with a package. Inside is a book about a famous pirate called Black Whiskers. A legend and an adventure await Jasper and Scruff. Closing the shop they follow clues left on a old map within the book.

The treasure at the end is all the incentive the two friends need, taking off immediately to follow each clue. The clues eventually lead them to a trap door in the theatre floor and just as they feel they have found the treasure, a surprise is waiting for them.

As a payback for the disastrous dinner party, the Sophisticats are taking their revenge! Will Jasper and Scruff find a way out of the trap? What will they find if they do?

I love these books and can see an entire series of trouble for the the pair as they battle the Sophisticats in endless games and fun!

Jasper and Scruff is available now. Jasper and Scruff, Hunt for the Golden Bone is available 3 October.

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