Perfect Bedtime Stories with Nosy Crow

Nosy Crow delivered some amazing titles today and I couldn’t resist reading them immediately. My daughter quickly snapped up Step Inside Homes Through History. She loved looking through each decade, starting with the houses, then the fashion and went back for a third viewing looking for specific rooms.

Brilliant peek through pages bring homes from different decades to life.

I took two of the books to heart and fell for them completely. They both have a beautiful message about bedtime, bedtime stories and dreams. The importance of dreams, sharing stories and feeling loved are essential messages that we want all children and their families to know!

Written and Illustrated by Nicola O’Byrne

Rabbit is not tired and will not go to bed! Hatching a devious plan to stop The Dark he reaches for his biscuit tin. The poor Dark finds himself trapped inside while Rabbit feels quite pleased! The Dark can’t come and he won’t have to go to bed.

From inside the tin, The Dark tries to explain to an increasingly hungry and grumpy Rabbit why the night is so important. The animals need the dark, vegetables need the dark and so to do Sleepy Rabbits.

Such a wonderful surprise awaits the reader when opening the biscuit tin!

Rabbit relents and opens the biscuit tin, letting The Dark out. The animals and plants feel better. Winning me over was The Dark saying that Bedtime Stories are one of the best bits! Poor Rabbit didn’t make it through much of the Bedtime story as he was fast asleep.

Children will identify with not being tired and wanting to stay up all night but this book will serve as a gentle reminder that animals and plants need the dark to stay alive and healthy, just as children need sleep to have energy for the next day! Parents too!

Completely deserving of all the Twitter hype, this next book is sure to become a classic bedtime story. The dream like illustrations are sublime, creating soft focused ideas for dreams.

Written by Frances Stickley, Illustrated by Anuska Allepuz

My daughter always asked “What can I dream about?” And I always tried my best but this book would have been the best response.

Told in perfect rhyme, this makes for an easy read aloud. Perfect for sharing with sleepy, pyjama clad children! From riding waves with whales, flying through space and riding on the back of a polar bear.. Dreams can take you anywhere, “because anything’s possible here!”

I love the soft muted colours accompanying the rhyming text, delivering children to incredible dreams! This book is pure bedtime story delight!

The over- riding message is that dreams take you anywhere you want to go but that..

A calming, reassuring book guaranteeing that someone you love will be there when you wake up.

I can’t recommend these books enough. Both will be added to my favourites collection and I will share them (I promise) but they will always find their way back to my shelf.

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