Reading Beauty

Written by Deborah Underwood, Illustrated by Meg Hunt

What an impressive book, retelling a version of Sleeping Beauty. Taking key moments from the original fairytale and spinning them into a futuristic world, we have been given a book lovers dream book!

Princess Lex, was cursed by an uninvited guest…cursed to get a paper cut on her 15th birthday. For a serious book lover, watching all her books taken away was too much, so Lex, a brave princess, takes steps to break the curse.

How any book lover would feel in a world without books!

Lex, using a bot to hold the books, teaches herself how to do everything she needs to find the fairy. Thus proving how much we can learn from reading! The fairy tries to foil the attempts of Lex….but Lex is smart and cunning!

When Puppy Prince finds the invitation, it dawns on Lex that the fairy can’t read and cursed Lex mistakenly. Offering to help the fairy learn to read brings our tale to a close. Books are returned to the world “and all read happily ever after”!

What a perfect end to a perfect version of a classic fairytale. I love the brave Lex, looking for ways to break the curse and fighting it head on. No sleeping for her…she would rather read late under the covers, break a curse and bring colour to the world through books!

The illustrations are futuristic, colourful and beckon the reader in! I now am on a hunt for Interstellar Cinderella, by the same dynamic duo of Deborah Underwood and Meg Hunt. I have high hopes for a braver version of the Princess.


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