Blissful Weekend Reading- Potkin and Stubbs

The Haunting of Peligan City,
Written by Sophie Green, Illustrated by Karl James Mountford
Published by Piccadilly Press

The Haunting of Peligan City is the second in this spooky, film noir trilogy. Catching up with Lil Potkin and Nedly Stubbs is brilliant, they are up to their usual detecting and reporting. A nice synopsis of the first book is built into the first chapter, for those of us needing a slight reminder. Very helpful as both books are full of important details and mysteries.

Incredible illustrations by Karl James Mountford are completely suited for this detective, film noir book.

It is snowing, cold and danger continues to lurk as Gallows is still on the loose and people are literally being frightened to death. Lil and Nedly find themselves embroiled in a spooky set up of Gallows freeing the souls of the worse criminals in Peligan City, and using them to murder influential people in the city.

Abe is back, and after seeing Sophie at a school event recently, I have new found respect for this character. I picture Cary Grant or Humphrey Bogart, down and out but still able to solve these crimes! I love his special hand tools and of course trusty sidekick Margaret.

Abe and his distinctive profile!

The pursuit of truth heats up with some shocking family revelations and secrets are revealed to Lil. The plot thickens and quickens right to the very end, a hugely spooky night sees some of the mysteries solved but leaves a few questions to be addressed in Book 3, aptly called Ghostcatcher.

This trilogy will enthral, spook and test your detecting skills. I am in awe of the characters, their depth and qualities. I love Lil’s mum, Naomi and would love to learn even more about her in Book 3.

If you haven’t read this series then I urge you to start, and join the rest of us eagerly waiting for book 3!

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