Blissful Weekend Reading, Explorers on Black Ice Bridge!

Written by Alex Bell, Illustrated by Tomislav Tomic, Published by Faber

Stella Starflake Pearl is back and I couldn’t be happier! She is a bold, fearless but kind character and she has delighted me since first meeting her back in The Polar Bear Explorers Club. Her adventures are legendary as are her powers and her background. A fascinating trilogy and one I would highly recommend for anyone aged 9+.

We catch up with Stella and Felix as they are expelled from the club. They are banned from expeditions but Shay is in danger and they must find the stolen spellbook in order to save him. Crossing the legendary and cursed Black Ice Bridge is their only choice. It certainly won’t be easy and they will meet many who wish them ill on their journey but what adventure would it be without creatures, Princesses and a Gentleman Flamingo, who just might be my favourite character in this book!

Flipping back through to write this review made me want to read the trilogy again from start to finish. There is so much for the reader….formidable characters, secret pasts, witches, gremlins, and friends to stand by you no matter what!

Of particular fascination in this book are the rules from the lost ladies of Swan Island…my favourite is “Laugh as long and as hard as possible, wherever possible, and preferably until tears run down your beak”.

So wonderful and well written. I love the entire series!

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