Spooky Fun

Halloween and Autumn make some of us crave more spookiness, books with vampires, ghouls and mystery. Is it perhaps the colder evenings making us curl up earlier with a good book, the arrival of mass bags of candy or the Halloween costumes, accessories and decorations? Whatever it is that makes you reach for spooky reads, consider these titles to satisfy that Autumnal craving!

Ghoulia series by Barbara Cantini, Published by Amulet Books (an Imprint of Abrams

It was an immediate “must-read” moment for me when I first spied Ghoulia. With Isadora Moon and Amelia Fang being so popular our house, I knew Ghoulia would be welcomed with open arms.

Ghoulia is a zombie, and with Halloween approaching she takes the opportunity to meet and play with children from the neighbourhood. They are having a great time collecting candy when Ghoulia takes off her head. Silence from the children worries Ghoulia until they scream with happiness. He children, like most children, accept Ghoulia for who she is and they become good friends.

Beautiful illustrations make this a perfect book for younger readers transitioning to chapter books.

In the next instalment, Ghoulia meets her annoying cousin Dilbert for the first time and they don’t exactly hit it off. Mysteriously, Ghoulia’s friends all start arriving after receiving special invitations from Auntie Departed.

When people start disappearing from the house, Ghoulia and friends put their heads together to solve the mystery. Can Dilbert prove himself and save the day or will he continue to moan and complain through the entire book?

Something to look forward to…

Another new favourite character in our house is Mrs Blackhat by Chloe and Mick Inkpen.

Mrs Blackhat, Chloe and Mick Inkpen, Published by Hodder Children’s (an Imprint of Hachette)

Poor Mrs Blackhat is fully coordinated except for her ginger cat.

Cue online shopping for all sorts of spells, potions and explosions. Her Shopalot account has taken a hit, and yet nothing seems to change the colour of the cat! This is a fun and silly story bound to make children laugh and point at the colourful illustrations on each page.

In the second book, Mrs Blackhat has been shopping online again! What could possibly go wrong?

The ZoomBroom has everything a modern witch could want! Bubbles, songs and supersonic speed! Mrs Blackhat is enjoying her mix of technology and magic. Another colourful tale of a funny witch and her online shopping habit! Once we read one, we had to read the next!

With an endearing message of “Be brave, Be Kind, Be Colourful”, meet Dracula Spectacular!,

Dracula Spectacular, Written by Lucy Rowland, Illustrated by Ben Mantle, Published by Macmillan

This is a beautiful book, perfect for Halloween but it carries a special message for all! Dracula Boy loves to laugh, wear glittery, bright clothes and is desperate to make friends.

Being good parents, as we all assume the Draculas are, they paint their sons bedroom in bright, bold colours and invite his friend Rose over. Rose comes bearing the perfect gift…read the book to find out what! The illustrations make my heart sing in this book!

Accepting their son is more bright and fun than dark and brooding….the parents let Dracula boy be who he wants to be! What better message is there for all of us raising children?

One more set of spooky books to share later! These are perfect picture books and early chapter books for the younger spookster in your life!

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