Clotilde Perrin- original and spooky!

Published by Gecko Press, These original books feature lift the flaps, strings to pull and stunning illustrations.

Inside the Villains was my first introduction to Clotilde Perrin and her brilliance. When this book arrived, my entire family gathered around to ooh and aah. We were speechless and awe inspired by the originality of it.

Featuring fairytales greatest villains; the wolf, giant and witch. Each telling a bit about themselves, it is possible to feel hunted and haunted as you delve in!

Impossible to truly grasp how amazing this book is. Beautifully illustrated, full of flaps, levers and fun!
Giant is ready with knives!
Madame M is taking twitter by storm! Published by Gecko Press in 2019! Translated from French by Daniel Hahn

Spooky house and unique character is beckoning the reader in making us feel welcome but on edge! No one is at home, don’t touch a thing… eeriness settles over each page and it is impossible to resist opening all the flaps, exploring every inch of the house, almost expecting something to jump out, or arrive home!

My children ran their adventurous hands over all the pages looking for some of the smallest lift the flaps. Pointing and shouting when a new detail was discovered. Every single page is AMAZING! This is a book that needs little hands, even though its beauty makes me want to wrap it in plastic!

This could be my ultimate book of the spooky season!

Gecko Press, well done! And more please!

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