Non Fiction…New and Nifty!

I feel there is a boost in noteworthy non fiction titles in the last few years. They are certainly being given more press and publicity and there is a move from photographs towards illustrations in many titles.

Featuring titles from 360 (an imprint from Little Tiger), Nosy Crow and What on Earth Books. All are very unique and beg to be read. I can see these being very popular when they arrive at school.

By Emmanuelle Figueras, Illustrated by Claire De Gastold, Published by What on Earth Books

The sense of smell in animals in incredibly heightened compared to ours. This book will introduce readers to a variety of animals, their noses and the importance of smell. With wonderful illustrations and lift the flaps to find more information, this book is fun and interesting.

One of my favourite pages!

From farm animals to sea creatures and insects to birds, there is truly a vast amount to learn about. Animals sniff out food, danger and off spring, although I can honestly say I prefer my own nose and its capabilities!

Written by Ben Lerwill, Illustrated by Sarah Walsh, Published by Nosy Crow

There has been a surge in books published featuring incredible women, men, sporting heroes, children and now we have one about animals who have made history! This stunning book will appeal to animal lovers out there.

These are true stories of rescuers, adventurers and courageous pets. Filled with facts, quotes and photos alongside the wonderful illustrations. There were a few familiar animals from history and I loved perusing the book to learn about others I hadn’t known.

The index is helpfully divided into animal type and then name so if you wanted to specifically learn about hippos then you could turn to page 34.

I find Hippos fascinating!

From heroic animals to real life Heroes!

Written by Jonny Marx, Illustrated by Gerhard van Wyk, Published by Nosy Crow

The cover immediately draws your attention and once you open the book, it is settled! You must read it!

Jump in and see who you can aspire to be like!
“What’s your superpower?”

Divided into careers, you can choose to learn more about firefighters, activists and mathematicians! There are several people listed under each career, some spanning back through history and others still current. The illustrations are unique, attention grabbing and truly pop off the page!

An inspiring book for children showing us that the world is full of incredible people!

The next two titles will appeal to little hands itching to pull the ribbon to see the picture change. Teachers and parents will enjoy the facts and snippets of information to share!

Our World and Weather Illustrated by Hannah Tolson

Each page covers an important habitat, from Desert to Arctic to the Sea. With a magic slider on each page you can watch the picture change. Even though my children are a bit older, they still loved the magic slider.

Opposite the magic slider is information about people, animals and weather from each habitat. Beautiful illustrations are found throughout.

Weather is also separated into categories, looking at the sun, wind, thunder and lightening. The book looks at extreme weather, survival in harsh weather and facts about huge storms.

These books will find their way into a Reception class as I think they will love watching the picture change and the text is completely accessible for young readers.

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