National Non Fiction November

Chronicle Books have published this beautifully illustrated book featuring a travelling tiger. It teaches us about our incredible planet using one word on each page!

Most of the Better Natural Things in the World
Written by Dave Evers, Illustrated by Angel Chang
Published November 2019 by Chronicle Books

This is an incredibly fascinating book. A lone tiger carries a dining room chair strapped to her back. Where is she going? What will she see on her journey?

Gorgeous illustrations make the world come alive!

We follow the tiger on her journey through the worlds most wonderful places. One word on each page describes the place and this is a super introduction to new places and types of landscapes. A glossary at the back helps to explain these places in further detail.

There is so much to enjoy in this book, from the illustrations to the curiosity of the tigers journey, to the landscapes. With just one word per page, this book offers readers the opportunity to talk about each page, think about where this landscape could be found. Not forgetting the tiger, a chance to predict where she is going!

Amazing book! A new favourite of mine!

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