Picture Book Perfect- Tiny Tree Titles

Tiny Tree is publishing amazing titles! All of these are wonderful!

I love Tiny Tree books, they are publishing fun, colourful and engaging books. These three are top of my list!

The Fixer Man
Written by Nicola Hulme
Illustrated by Elena Mascolo

This is a lovely book, it features a heart warming story, gorgeous illustrations and a rhythmic rhyming text. The fixer man lives alone fixing broken items with a clang, bang,fizz. When he finds a nest holding a speckled egg, he is surprised but brings it home to dry and warm it.

When a dragon hatches, the fixer man is surprised but proud. Caring for a growing dragon becomes challenging at times, yet the fixer man loves the dragon. When the dragon flies away, we can see the sadness in the fixer man.

When I read this to a class of Year 1 and 2 students, the look on their faces spoke volumes. They were so sad. They predicted the dragon would return!

This heart warming story is an excellent book for building empathy. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it aloud and watching the children as we learned what happened to the dragon and the fixer man.

What Can We Be?
Written by Ryan Crawford
Illustrated by Kayla Coombs

What Can We Be? Is a bright and fun book celebrating the relationship between girls and their dads, imagination and girls being who they want to be!

Millie finds school more fun than home as her friends are there and she doesn’t get bored. Her friends spend the bus ride home sharing their fun, imaginative times with their dads to inspire Millie.

From astronauts, knights and wizards to pirates and firefighters, the girls defeat baddies, find treasure and have a blast! I really loved that these roles can be stereotypically assigned to boys but these girls rocked the roles!

In reading this to my daughter, I felt that I was giving her new opportunities to open up her imagination. I also loved the representation of BAME characters.

A perfect book for girls to read with their dads!

Catch that Cough
Written by Bonnie Bridgman
Illustrated by Louise Forshaw

This book has been widely publicised for good reason. I was happy to jump on the bandwagon of this one.

A fun story with an underlying message of manners and good hygiene. Maisy coughs, forgetting to cover her mouth, and the cough escapes. Wreaking havoc in the house and garden, causing everyone to cough, Maisy is determined to catch that cough!

Her plan to catch the cough are not working and Maisy needs to change her tactics! Coming up with an ingenious plan, Maisy sets to work. Will the plan work? Will she catch that cough?

What happens when Maisy forgets to “Mind her Manners”?

Excellent illustrations, a funny story and a great message combine into a perfect picture book!

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