Picture Book Perfect!

Before I get stuck in to all my favourite Christmas books, I wanted to share a few more incredible picture books. These are all unique, fun and gorgeously Illustrated. They would make excellent gifts!

Mother Goose of Pudding Lane, A Small Tall Tale, told by Chris Raschka, Pictures by Vladimir Radunsky, Published by Walker Books
The Hero’s Quest, by Jeffrey Alan Love, Published by Walker Books
This is also uniquely and gorgeously illustrated. Full of rhyming text, it tells an adventurous tale of a quest, a rider daring to challenge dragons, dwarves and kings. Using black as a dominant colour, there are glimpses of colours on the pages and this makes the illustrations stand out and have a huge impact on the reader. There is a lot left to our imagination in terms of what the dragons look like and what the kings and queens are wearing for example. This is a book for every hero, a quest regardless of gender, a quest for anyone daring enough, a quest for another story!

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