Picture Book Perfect!

Before I get stuck in to all my favourite Christmas books, I wanted to share a few more incredible picture books. These are all unique, fun and gorgeously Illustrated. They would make excellent gifts!

Mother Goose of Pudding Lane, A Small Tall Tale, told by Chris Raschka, Pictures by Vladimir Radunsky, Published by Walker Books This clever book is full of fun nursery rhymes, some familiar and some new to me. There are quirky illustrations throughout the book and it was incredibly fun to look through and to read aloud. Basically, the book is a tale about the true Mother Goose, a woman named Elizabeth who married Isaac Goose in 1692. She told tales, nursery rhymes and sang lullabies to their 14 children. The collection is some of her most famous, and ones we still recite hundreds of years later. Brilliant new way to look at the power of nursery rhymes.
The Hero’s Quest, by Jeffrey Alan Love, Published by Walker Books
This is also uniquely and gorgeously illustrated. Full of rhyming text, it tells an adventurous tale of a quest, a rider daring to challenge dragons, dwarves and kings. Using black as a dominant colour, there are glimpses of colours on the pages and this makes the illustrations stand out and have a huge impact on the reader. There is a lot left to our imagination in terms of what the dragons look like and what the kings and queens are wearing for example. This is a book for every hero, a quest regardless of gender, a quest for anyone daring enough, a quest for another story!
The Best Kind Of Bear, Written by Greg Gormley, Illustrated by David Barrow, Published by Nosy Crow. Poor, sweet little bear sets off on a quest to find out more about himself. He would like to know what kind of bear he is, so believes other bears will be able to help him. Journeying to the corners of the world, this is a wonderfully sweet book about discovering who you are, and where you belong. Celebrating differences and learning about bears- what better way to spend an afternoon? Nelly knows who Bear is and where he belongs, but she wants him to find out for himself. A bear with stitches, a label and a bow tie is certainly not a grizzly, polar or spectacled bear. He is Nelly’s Bear, “and that’s the very best kind of bear to be.”

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