Cicada Books- Helping to celebrate NNFN!

National Non Fiction November is a month long celebration of non fiction books. I really loved these two titles and plan to pass them along to a class of children who are all budding scientists. They will love these.

I can highly recommend Cicada Books. They have some amazing titles in their catalogue and they have all been a huge hit with my family.

Gut Garden
A Journey into the wonderful world of your Microbiome
Written and Illustrated by Katie Brosnan
Earth Shattering Events
Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Cyclones, Tsunamis and Other Natural Disasters
Written by Robin Jacobs
Illustrated by Sophie Williams

I was so excited to read these books. I was immediately drawn to them, in part because of their eye catching front covers and in part because I am fascinated by both scientific topics!

The Gut Garden
The blurb on the back

The blurb on the back of Gut Garden entices the reader in to learn more about digestion and the microbes living inside us. Our curiosity is automatically drawn to the idea that scientists have still to discover so much more about our bodies.

My children and I were particularly drawn to the illustrations of the internal organs and some explanations of how microbes work.

Fun illustrations

I can honestly admit to learning quite a lot from this book and it would make an excellent resource for science lessons in a primary school. There was a brilliant use of scientific language, and explanation alongside the fun illustrations.

The Gut Garden

I can see my family coming back to this book time and time again. It was cleverly explained and clearly Katie Brosnan has done her research on our digestive system. We spent ages reading this book!

Earth Shattering Events
The blurb on the back

Natural disasters do in fact remind us that we are merely guests on the planet. There are disastrous events which can tear our world apart and this book explains them in an interesting way.

From earthquakes and volcanoes to blizzards and wildfire, there is much to learn. Each type of disaster is looked at closely, we can see the effects and then the biggest and the worst in history.

I love a map!

Maps detailing locations of biggest and the worst of each disaster feature throughout the book. I love maps and spent a lot of time comparing between disasters, learning more about how they are measured and I was keen to know about what to do in case of…. each disaster.

The world is finally starting to take notice of the damage our planet has sustained, and as humans we need to ensure we are doing all we can to protect the planet from future harm. Inside this book is a message of respecting our planet and caring for the most vulnerable parts of it.

Powerful message of respect for our planet

This is an incredibly well thought out book. Many children are fascinated by intense weather and storms. This will appeal to future scientists, meteorologists or anyone interested in disastrous events.

High five to Cicada Books for publishing these brilliant books!

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