12 Days of Christmas Reading!

Today I want to feature picture book celebrities….Sue Hendra, Paul Linnet, Tom Jamieson and Mike Byrne. These pairs know picture books and you know you can expect fun, laughter and amazing illustrations.

Supertato has long been a favourite in our house. We have read all the adventures and laughed our way through them. A couple of years ago, Evil Pea Rules was published and it was very quickly added to our book advent. Since then it comes out every year for a re-read!

We love Evil Pea and his dastardly deeds, his boredom with the freezer and ingenious ideas for terrorising the veggies. However, we also love Supertato, his veggie sidekicks and their hot chillies group hug. Of course Supertato will save the day, but we look forward to more of Evil Peas antics!

Oh, Christmas Tree is publishing in time for Christmas 2019 and we are adding it to this year’s advent. We all love the look of a decorated tree, sparkling with baubles and tinsel, fairy lights twinkling, but have we ever thought about how the tree feels?

Well at house number 34, the tree is not keen on being decorated while standing in a pot. The decorations are chasing him around the house. Completely hilarious and a fun surprise at the end will ensure this is read again and again. Christmas tree has a big personality but the decorations have come up with a plan.

Supertato, Evil Pea Rules gives me the perfect opportunity to use my villainous voice and the rhyming text in Oh, Christmas Tree make it a joy to read aloud.

Both from creative duo, Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet, they are brilliant and perfect for advent or just gifting!

Another Christmas villain, another chance to use my villainous voice! Sproutzilla is the ultimate Christmas bad guy and I am thrilled to say he is back! Brussels Sprouts, you either love them or hate them, so Sproutzilla makes the ultimate, brilliant baddie. In the first of the series, Sproutzilla grows from Jacks’ dislike of sprouts. As he grows, he and his sproutlings terrorise the town. Sproutzilla wants to gobble up Santa and Christmas will be cancelled. Who can stop him? Jack can…by eating sprouts!

The Return of Sproutzilla, publishing this Christmas, sees the return of our favourite baddie, but this time he is not alone! Tyrannoparsnip rex and Broccolisaurus accompany Sproutzilla in creating havoc! Santa has been kidnapped and it is up to Jack and sister Ruby to save him. Can the magic of Christmas be put to good use? Will Sproutzilla, Tyrannoparsnip Rex and Broccolisaurus end Christmas or will Christmas end their tyranny?

Funny laugh out loud books are excellent ways to spend time together as a family, especially in the run up to Christmas!

Grab these books, a blanket and curl up with 4 amazing books!

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