12 Days of Christmas Reading!

New Frontier Publishing sent me a delightful pile of Christmas books. I am including a few in today’s post and the others will appear shortly!

First up though is The Twelve Days of Christmas!

The Twelve Days of Christmas
Illustrated by Britta Teckentrup
Published by Little Tiger

Illustrating royalty, Britta Teckentrup has an amazing way of illustrating and designing her books. They are immediately recognisable by their peep through holes, leading you to the last page where a surprise awaits the reader. This is another joyous creation bringing the traditional verse back to life. In board book format, it will make even the youngest reader enjoy the classic verse.

The Night Before Christmas
Written by Clement C Moore, Illustrated by Helene Magisson
Published by New Frontier Publishing

As a traditional tale, it is perhaps the most well known of the Christmas season. The tale doesn’t change but the illustrators do, each adding their own special style and inspiration. There is a fascinating project to be found in looking back at the vast ways this tale has been drawn, painted and brought to life via various media forms. Helene Magisson has maintained the traditional feel but has used muted reds and pinks on most pages. It is a beautiful edition and would make a lovely gift.

Mr Darcy and the Christmas Pudding
Written by Alex Field, Illustrated by Peter Garnavas
Published by New Frontier Publishing

Completely unique, based on Austen’s Pride and Prejudice characters this book shares the tradition of Stir Up Sunday. Taking place five weeks before Christmas, Mr Darcy, Maria, Lizzy and her sisters all arrive for Stir Up Sunday. All the ingredients are pulled together, spoons shared to make wishes and friends invited in for songs and games. All are invited back for Christmas Day to share the Pudding together. Lovely illustrations and quirky animal characters make this a great book to share at Christmas.

Santa’s Tight Squeeze
Written by Alex Field, Illustrated by Karen Erasmus
Published by New Frontier Publishing

Another unique tale from Alex Field, this one focusing on Santa and his love of treats. As Santa continues to loosen his belt after each home, he soon finds himself getting stuck. A thoughtful idea, and a band of 8 helpful, hungry reindeer make the night a bit easier. Packing up the leftover treats, Santa flies around the world delivering gifts. Arriving back at the North Pole, the leftover treats are shared! A wonderful book about sharing, with famous landmarks shown with beautiful illustrations.

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