12 Days of Christmas Reading!

Christmas comes to Moomin Valley
Written by Alex Haridi and Cecilia Davidsson, Written by Filippa Widlund
Translated by AA Prime
Published by Macmillan

This is a lovely story of Moomin! The Moomins are rudely woken up long before Spring and told to get ready for Christmas. It sounds sinister and dangerous, yet the Moomins start to prepare, first by getting a tree, then decorating and putting out presents. Friends gather round while the Moomins hide. I loved this book and it is incredibly relevant for those of us getting ready. So much stress, running around and worrying about to do lists. Maybe we ought to take advice from the Moomins and sleep until Spring. Beautifully illustrated and a wonderful, heart warming story to share with family.

One Christmas Wish
Written by Katherine Rundell , Illustrated by Emily Sutton
Published by Bloomsbury

A magical story of a lonely boy desperate for time with his family, who seem to have lost their Christmas spirit. Making a whole hearted wish, Theo wishes to be “un-alone.” With a rustling from the tree, Theo believes he is dreaming as some hanging decorations come to life. They all want help, either with singing, new feathers or finding love and Theo ensures they all get their wishes. The incredible illustrations capture the magic of this story. They are beautiful and full of wondrous details. Christmas Magic does exist and it can be found in this story.

The Christmas Unicorn
Written and Illustrated by Anna Currey
Published by OUP

Spending Christmas away from home can be hard for young children, and Milly is feeling lonely at her Grandpa’s house. From the shadows of the trees comes a wonderful unicorn and Milly quickly claims Florian as her pet. With perfect timing Milly feels a bit happier. During a visit to the market, Florian gets distracted and lost. Milly finds him and also finds a new friend who lives near Grandpa. Florian must leave to find his friends and they say goodbye. A lovely story with beautiful illustrations.

Angel on the Roof
Written and Illustrated by Shirley Hughes
Published by Walker Books

A young boy, a tired angel and a house in disarray come together in this wonderful tale of friendship. An angel resting on a roof loses a feather, which is found by Lewis. Lewis shares his thoughts, secrets and fears with the angel and he feels lighter and happier. Small positive changes start happening in the building and people are feeling happier. Friendships are formed and encouraged between the residents and Lewis feels it is because of the angel. It is Heart warming and leaves a cosy feeling with you.

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