12 Days of Christmas Reading

Old Classics, New Favourites…there is something for everyone in today’s post.

Pick a Pine Tree
Written by Patricia Toht, Illustrated by Jarvis
Published by Walker Books

Many families have special traditions at Christmas, things they do together, places they visit, games they play. For many families, choosing the tree is a highlight of getting ready for Christmas. This book, with beautiful retro illustrations, rhymes the journey from choosing the perfect tree, finding the decorations and decorating from top to bottom. Family and friends gather round and the magic of Christmas truly begins. A wonderful book to share on decorating day!

The Tree that’s Meant to Be
Written and Illustrated by Yuval Zommer
Published by OUP

Yuval Zommer has a distinctive style and a talent for bringing nature to life in his books. This gorgeous book tells the story of a tree, who from seed, didn’t grow as the others in the forest. He is a bit wonky and small, Is he the tree that’s meant to be? Through the seasons he grows a little to the left, and as winter comes, watches the other trees get chosen for Christmas. Doubting himself, he wonders who will listen to him. In true Christmas wonderment, the woodland creatures come to the rescue. He is, in fact, the tree that’s meant to be! Simply stunning!

Sarah’s Two Nativities
Written by Janine M Fraser, Illustrated by Helene Magisson
Published by Walker Books

“In Sarah’s house, the Bible and The Koran sit together on a shelf-two books bursting with stories.” They are full of wondrous, magical tales. When Sarah’s Grandmothers Visit, they share the Nativity Story, one from the Bible and one from the Koran. Sarah wonders how both can be true. Grandmother Azar has wise words for her, “both tell of the mystery of God”. A beautiful story, filled with stunning illustrations in soft muted colours. Family from different cultures and religions share a feast and give thanks together. What more can we want at Christmas?

A Christmas Carol, Written by Charles Dickens
The Happy Prince and other stories by Oscar Wilde
Re-Published by Faber Children’s

These two classics, have been re-Published by Faber using incredible Liberty Fabrics as the cover designs. Ingenious and beautiful! We all know the story of Scrooge and Marley, whether you have read the book or watched the movies! With this new classic cover, it will inspire a new generation of reader.

Oscar Wilde wrote several works for children and these are some of the most beloved of them. Any collection of short stories is brilliant for young readers, giving them a taste of an author’s style while keeping their attention. These stories will entertain and amuse.

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