Picture Book Perfect- Kindness

Kindness comes to mind when reading the books in today’s blog. Each book deals with kindness, acceptance and friendships in a variety of ways. The books are incredibly unique, beautifully illustrated and perfect for sharing and building empathy.

Written by Corinne Fenton, Illustrated by Owen Swan
Published by New Frontier Publishing

A winter scene, an older woman reminiscing about childhood. She be-friended a squirrel and named him Scruffle-Nut. He is different to the other squirrels in that he has a stumpy tale. Mirroring how she feels next to the other girls, Olivia understands the squirrel staying away from the others. Poetically written and gorgeously illustrated, this is a lovely book.

Twelve Days of Kindness
Written by Cori Brooke, Illustrated by Fiona Burrows
Published by New Frontier Publishing

A new girl awakens empathy in a classmate. Bravely they become friends and devise a plan to bring kindness to their team. With 12 days until their first match , the girls keep their messages simple, Be Kind, Be Brave and solve problems. In leading by example, the girls bring cohesion to the team and acceptance for new girl Nabila. Wonderful illustrations and a simple message make this worthy of sharing widely.

The Caveman Next Door
Written and Illustrated by Tom Tinn-Disbury
Published by New Frontier Publishing

When a caveman moves next to Penny, she sets out to teach him new things. Though he eats the library books, sits on top of the bus and drinks from a fountain. He is different and Penny needs to learn to accept that and showcase his strengths and abilities. Just as we need to celebrate differences, abilities and talents in a class or school, we can empathise this to teach children about the wider world. Fun illustrations will make children giggle too.

Born Bad
Written by CK Smouha, Illustrated by Stephen Smith
Published by Cicada Books

Bold illustrations and colours make this book visually spectacular. The story itself is wonderfully told about a wolf who feels bad and acts bad. In meeting some new animal friends and with their support. Wolf comes to realise that he can change his badness. Without judgement, Wolf dresses in sheep’s wool and he feels good. Brave and bold, this book will help children to understand their differences and find a way to feel good about themselves, all without judgement.

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