Picture Book Perfect

Three unique and interesting picture books are featuring today on my blog. From fun and laughter to sweetness and beauty, it is all within the covers of these books.

Written and Illustrated by Sharon King-Chai
Published by Two Hoots

Perhaps one of the most stunningly illustrated books I have had the pleasure of reading. With the use of shiny foil, shadows at night and the use of soft muted colours, this book will entrance its readers. Within these wondrous pages is a story with all the elements of a myth, a tale as old as time. Moon King wants the perfect present for his new daughter and the enchanting Starbird is what he wants most. Capturing the bird who weaves magic into dreams, the King is happy. However as the Princess grows up, she senses sadness in Starbird. Releasing him into the wild, Starbird must find his home before being re-captured by the Moon King. This is an incredible book!

Bunnies on the Bus
Written by Philip Ardagh, Illustrated by Ben Mantle
Published by Walker Books

A hilarious rhyming story of Bunnies on the Bus! Brilliantly colourful illustrations create the perfect town for the Bunnies to cause havoc in. The bunnies are having a great time on the bus, flying past the towns people as they go about their day. Something else is happening as you read through the story…there are burglars on the loose escaped from jail. We had a lot of fun following their adventure. An excellent book, perfect for sharing and reading over and over again!

Pip finds a Home
Written and Illustrated by Elena Topouzoglou
Published by New Frontier Publishing

A very sweet story, beautifully illustrated with winter snowy scenes. Pip was living in the North when he was discovered by an explorer who believes him to be in the wrong hemisphere. Bringing him to the South Pole, Pip wanders off to search for home. He meets friendly Adelie penguins, macaroni penguins and Gentoo penguins but Pip still has different features. When Pip meets someone who looks like him, the problem is solved. He isn’t a Penguin at all! A lovely, sweet story about finding home and being different.

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