Crater Lake by Jennifer Killick

A brilliant fast paced adventure to get your heart pumping. I read it in one sitting, completely engrossed and with adrenaline coursing through my veins.

Crater Lake
Written by Jennifer Killick
Publishing March 2020 by Firefly Press

The Year Six students from Montmorency school are on their residential trip. We meet best friends Lance and Chet, class bully Trent and a cast of characters typically found in every school. They think they know each other but all are hiding something about themselves from their friends and classmates.

Their arrival at Crater Lake Activity Centre is marred by the sudden and scary arrival of a zombie like man, bloodied and nearly unconscious. Leaving him with the coach awaiting help, the staff and students need to complete their arrival on foot only to find the centre practically deserted. Only one worker, Digger, seems to be there and the children are told to get some sleep.

Luckily, Lance and his friends made plans to have a late night feast. However, when no one shows up, Lance goes looking for answers. What he finds instead is a mystery and a complete transformation of some classmates and teachers. They have bug eyes and are focussed on “work”, leaving their rooms for the forest outside.

Here begins an ultimate adventure for a group of friends, who against all odds must save themselves and try to save the world. They need to work together, trust each other and share their secrets. I was gripped from the beginning and there are very few pages where your heart isn’t pounding, your hope isn’t dwindling and you can’t wait to turn the page.

Fast paced, brilliant dialogue and fascinating characters and relationships. A clue to the adventure awaiting them comes from Lance in Chapter 4. Addressing his friends while they try to figure out a plan, he says the following about grown ups, “We’re actually faster, braver and smarter than they are, especially in situations like this”.

Buckle up for Crater Lake, it’s going to be a bumpy adrenaline fuelled trip you will never forget!

A truly epic adventure and one I can highly recommend for anyone interested in mystery, science-fiction or horror. I want to give it to my son, but only after he comes back from his Year 6 Residential!

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