Tried and Tested Trilogies: Part Two

As we head into 2020 and a new year of reading, I wanted to highlight a few trilogies that I have recently read and enjoyed. There is something brilliant about a trilogy, the story continuing, more depth of character and more reading! The plot thickening, the mention of previous events and relationships blossoming…so much to read and enjoy!

Rose Campion Trilogy

Written by Lyn Gardner
Cover Design by Jez Tuya and Julia Sarda
Published by Nosy Crow

Rose Campion is an orphan but she is treated like family by the performers at Campion’s in London. She was abandoned there as an infant, never knowing why or who her family were. Thomas, the owner, treats her as a daughter.

Rose is curious, brave and head strong. She tends to dive into mysteries head first leading her friends into danger in order to unleash the truth and identify murderers! Starting with finding the killer of Ned Dorset, then onto discovering the location of the stolen Doomstone Diamond, and finally tackling a deadly ruler of underground crime!

These books are incredibly well written, full of vivacious characters, mysteries to be solved and the underlying story of where Rose came from. The brilliant thing about a trilogy or series is that each book builds new pieces of information on top of existing pieces. Each book gives the reader clues about Rose, help in the form of new faces and a continuation of back stories that link everything seamlessly together.

Set with a theatrical back drop, there is much to learn about Campion’s and the music hall history of London. It is fascinating and the setting of London is perfect…historical and atmospheric. Utterly captivating and intriguing mysteries keep the reader guessing all through each book.

I thoroughly enjoyed each mystery separately but appreciated the links between each one, looking forward to each book as I finished the previous. As with many trilogies, there is a firm finish that ties up loose ends and answers earlier questions.

A super trilogy that I enjoyed immensely and will recommend highly!

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