Tried and Tested Trilogies: Part One

As we head into 2020 and a new year of reading, I wanted to highlight a few trilogies that I have recently read and enjoyed. There is something brilliant about a trilogy, the story continuing, more depth of character and more reading! The plot thickening, the mention of previous events and relationships blossoming…so much to read and enjoy!

Written by M.G. Leonard
Inside Illustrations by Karl James Mountford
Cover Design by Elisabet Portabella, Julia Sarda
Published by Chicken House

I admitted on twitter that I was a bit late to the game with this series. I am so glad I finally did pick it up and read them one after the other in complete joy. Within a few days I had finished the trilogy and felt complete satisfaction with each book, it’s lead in to the next and ultimately the ending of the trilogy. Simply Superb!

The trilogy begins with the mysterious disappearance of Darkus Cuttle’s father from the Natural History Museum. He is Director of Science and vanishes from a locked vault full of beetle specimens. Darkus ends up living with his Uncle Max while they investigate the mystery together. Added to their sleuthing crew are Bertolt and Virginia, new friends from his new school.

Darkus also meets an incredible beetle of the rhinoceros variety and adopts him, naming him Baxter. This beetle seems to understand Darkus and communicates with him using nods of the head and body language. It is through Baxter and his beetle mountain friends that Darkus, Virginia and Bertolt are able to fight the baddy!

A mystery wouldn’t be complete without a baddie, and I am happy to report the ultimate baddy exists within this trilogy. Part human, part beetle, Lucrecia Cutter is a devious scientist intent on ruling the world. She has an evil plan that involves genetically altered beetle species bringing the world to its knees. Her plan begins with Dr Cuttle, Darkus’s dad.

The trilogy takes us from Camden Town, to Hollywood and to the rainforests of South America. Darkus and his crew seem able to defeat Lucrecia at every opportunity but will they beat her giant beetle army in the last book?

This is an incredible trilogy, full of fascinating science, beetle species and the fight between good and evil assisted by smart beetles.

Darkus and his friends are interesting characters that balance each other and help each other. Uncle Max is the funny uncle that has no idea how to care for anyone other than himself and the bad characters are at times funny and bumbling, while scary and intense in other moments.

Full of rich vocabulary, you will finish these books with a greater knowledge of beetles, a decent understanding of genetics and a firm respect for the huge variety of beetle species. You may also want to check out The Beetle Collector’s Handbook. It will convert you firmly into a beetle lover!

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