Orion Lost by Alastair Chisholm

Written by Alastair Chisholm
Publishing 9th January by Nosy Crow

An epic space adventure where the adults are all asleep and a group of children must become the crew of the spaceship Orion.

A population of humans is travelling vast distances into space to create a new home on Eos Five. They are 4 months into their journey when a set of events changes the course of the ship and the passengers on board.

When the ship needs to cover large distances, it jumps. During a jump, all passengers are put to sleep, memories backed up and then woken when safe. The ship, a character itself, is responsible for the entire population of Orion. It is during one of these jumps when disaster strikes. Instead of waking the Captain, crew and adults, only the children are woken up.

Danger lurks everywhere in space, from Scrapers to jumping into unknown territory to getting lost within alien Vadeshi space and without adults, it is up to a new crew to ensure their own safety. First, a chain of command must be established. The ship chooses which children to wake up based on test scores. However, not all are happy with their place in the chain. The children must draw on their strengths and talents to set things right on the damaged ship.

There is a constant pace of action, adventure and conflict for the children and they begin to doubt and distrust each other. When Captain Beth McKay finds a note she wrote to herself, she believes the ship is working against them. When an adult returns to the ship from a mission, they are relieved until a dangerous and devious plot is uncovered. The children now need to protect themselves and the still sleeping population from the ship and the dangers onboard.

This book was incredible. It is completely original, full of courageous kids saving their world and totally unique in its setting.

This is one book that you won’t be able to put down!

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