The BigWoof Conspiracy

Written by Dashe Roberts
Publishing February 2020 by Nosy Crow

Welcome to Sticky Pines, a remote community home to Lucy Sladan. Lucy loves the unexplained, the mysterious and the unbelievable, loves them so much she goes hunting for them during thunderstorms. Searching her whole life for UFO’s, she stumbles upon a clearing in the forest where a Bigfoot is looking above at a UFO. Hardly believing her luck she tries to take a photo.

Instead she gets knocked sideways and meets Milo Fisher. Milo’s dad has bought the sticky sweet factory and has big plans to make it more popular and renowned. Milo is the opposite to Lucy, organized, structured, neat but they get along and begin working together to solve the mystery behind BigWoof. Lucy believes there is more to this creature than being a Bigfoot and she has plenty of theories.

Her theories are put to the test on the day of the carnival hosted by Mr Fisher and the factory workers. Strange events are happening all over the carnival grounds and Lucy and Milo are hot on the trail of answers. However, the answers are not all Lucy was hoping for. Longing for world press coverage and recognition at discovering the species of BigWoof, the truth is not as it seemed.

This is an incredible book, the first in a promising series with a retro, sci-fi feel, reminiscent of the X-Files and with a clever yet strange girl at the centre of all the action. Lucy is a wonderfully weird character and I adore her. Definitely looking forward to seeing what new theories she has in future books.

I loved the story and I admit to guessing all the way through. I thought I had things figured out and then a twist. I was sure I knew what was coming and then a twist. I had so much fun reading this and can see this becoming a very popular series.

I have already written a reminder for book two coming September 2020!

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