Welcome Back Agent Weasel!

As much as I love middle grade fiction and picture books, I am very much drawn to the highly illustrated chapter books that sit between the two. A book with a full, plot driven story and exceptional illustrations sings to my soul.

Today features the publication of Agent Weasel and the Abominable Dr Snow, the second in the series by uber-talented Nick East.

Book 1 and 2 look great together!

To catch you up on events so far….we met Agent Weasel, “renowned WI6 super-spy” in Book 1. We also met Doorkins, his faithful co-adventurer. Doorkins is rather like a side kick but with Agent Weasel, Doorkins needs to be so much more.

Book One focuses on the Fiendish Fox Gang and the trouble they cause in The United Woodlands. It is up to Agent Weasel and Doorkins to find out more about them and try to stop them. Agent Weasel is a brilliant character, one who tends to find trouble, get completely caught up in his job (quite literally) yet manages to save the day.

I was thrilled to see the second book announced and begged the publishers for an early copy! Luckily they were happy to help a fan out.

The Winter Whopper Games are about to start but something is not right in The United Woodlands. Top athletes are going missing and Agent Weasel needs to save the day. In order to do so, chaos must ensue in true Agent Weasel style. He and the United Woodlands team must find the culprit behind the disappearances and save the games.

In both books, there is a brilliant cast of characters who assist Agent Weasel and Doorkins, from WI6 top boss H (head-honcho hedgehog) to Mother and Father Beaver. There is also a great army of special ops beetles.

The illustrations are incredibly detailed and fun. They really bring the characters and story to life. The illustrations in this style of book is the reason I enjoy them so much.

Currently a great pair of books, I am eagerly awaiting a third…fourth…

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