Picture Book Perfect

I have been collecting some amazing picture book titles to blog about. Today’s blog features books from Scallywag Press, Little Tiger and Egmont. All are beautiful and distinct, showing off the talented authors and illustrators who create them.

River Stories by Timothy Knapman, Illustrated by Ashling Lindsay and Irene Montano, Published by Egmont

Five rivers are brought to life through history, mythology and into modern day. Each river has a huge fold out page revealing the entire river journey. Featuring The Nile, The Mississippi, the Rhine, the Yangtze and the Amazon, you feel as though you are travelling the length and breadth of the world discovering the surrounding areas of these mighty rivers.

Unfortunately, the photo does not do justice to the beauty and wonder of this book. Every page is stunningly illustrated and full of fascinating facts, the importance of the river throughout history and some myths and legends about each river. It would certainly add a huge value to any class learning about the rivers in the world. This could take centre stage in that topic.

The Moonlight Zoo by Maudie Powell-Tuck, Illustrated by Karl James Mountford, Published by Little Tiger

With its mysterious peek through pages and incredible art work, this book is truly something to behold. Tackling the sensitive issue of a lost pet, this book takes the sadness and fear and turns it into a magical adventure for the pet.

When Eva’s pet cat Luna, goes missing, Eva follows a noise from under her bed. There she discovers The Moonlight Zoo. Following a traditional zoo path, Eva finds her way to Big Cat Kingdom, hoping to find Luna. Helped along the way by a wide wolf, Eva learns about how the zoo cares for lost pets. A beautiful story to share and enjoy, it would be incredibly apt if you have lost a pet.

Little Lost Fox by Carolina Rabei, Published by Egmont

A wonderful tale about the power of imagination and making friends. Completely lovely illustrations paint a vivid picture of Kate and her stuffed friends, who help her to not feel lonely. Miss Bunny loves books, Teddy loves picnics and Ruby the Fox is the best for adventures. When Ruby the Fox goes missing, Kate realises she is not the only one needing a friend.

Helping the Fox cub find its Mummy takes Kate, Ruby and the Fox cub on an adventure. However, it also leaves Kate farther from home and worried. Having formed a new friendship means that they help Kate find her Mummy too. A sweet story perfect for bedtime!

Talking is not my thing by Rose Robbins, Published by Scallywag Press

From the brilliant people behind Me and My Sister, comes another book highlighting the differences between children, promoting the acceptance of a sibling with autism and the challenges faced as a family.

Little Sister doesn’t speak so needs other ways to communicate with her family, flash cards, drawing and actions help to get her message across. The brother in incredible at understanding her, helping her and being there for her when she feels frustrated. Seeing what the sister is thinking and the brother is saying truly highlights the difference but proves the love and adaptations taken as a family. Perfect for children learning to interact with a non verbal friend or family member. It is also perfect for non verbal children to gain confidence to try new ways of communicating.

Lion Lessons by Jon Agee, Published by Scallywag Press

A hilarious book about a young boy training to get his Lion Diploma. It says 7 easy steps but despite his best efforts it is proving to be more difficult. He isn’t roarsome, fierce or hungry for antelope.

However, when an innocent kitten is being chased by a scary dog, all the lessons kick in and the young boy is fierce, fast and ready to pounce. Saving the day, he earns his diploma and is protector of cats in the neighbourhood. Jon Agee has a fantastic style and humour in his books and this one is superb. It would make for an excellent read aloud with the whole class attempting to earn their Lion Diplomas!

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