Written by Vashti Hardy, Cover Illustration by George Ermos, Map Illustration by Jamie Gregory, Publishing February 2020

There was never a doubt as to how brilliant this book was going to be. Even though my expectations were high, it still blew them out of the water, and into the dense green jungle where much of this story is set.

Sailing with Maudie and Arthur again is a true honour and we get to see more about Arthur in this book. His rash actions get him into trouble at times as you may remember from Brightstorm, but he has a heart of gold, and in Darkwhispers, we learn to trust his instincts, more so when his crew don’t. I felt so proud of him for figuring out the mystery left for them by Eudora Vane, who,of course, leads the way into trouble for the Brightstorm and Culpepper Families.

Water bears, houses on rising stilts, bubble houses and a city built on trust…it is all here for the enjoyment of the crew and the reader.

The crew are busy dealing with the missing Aurora and Eudora Vane is on the loose pretending to be someone she isn’t. Twins Maudie and Arthur get separated in this book, which is why we see more of Arthur’s personality and strengths as a crew member. Danger lurks everywhere in this new world as the teams travel uncharted territory.

There are DarkWhispers- feeding on emotions and memories- travelling through them can cause irreversible damage. Maudie meets and befriends a Water Bear, who helps her survive without her crew. Arthur discovers strange creatures living and feeding in the waters- hence the need for rising houses.

The camaraderie, love and trust of being an Aurora crew member remains throughout the book and it holds them all together even when they are apart.

Brightstorm and Dark Whispers are both incredible adventures full of danger, strange and exciting new lands and a family intent on exploring these vast continents together. There is clearly so much more I could say but I wouldn’t want to risk any spoilers so I advise you to pick up these adventures and join the Aurora Crew!

Welcome Aboard!

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