The Unadoptables

Written by Hana Tooke, Illustrated by Ayesha L Rubio, Published by Penguin Random House

This has been one of my most highly anticipated releases of 2020! I adored reading it and love my copy with Egg under the front cover!

It still remains at the top of my most anticipated releases and I will definitely be buying a copy for myself, friends and school libraries.

It is utterly fantastic, full of feisty orphans who stick together through good and bad, and a set of baddies to make your heart pause. I admit to my heart being in my throat most of the book. There are so many fast paced scenes where twists and turns take you all over Amsterdam in the hunt for freedom from The Little Tulip Orphanage, Ms Gassbeek and Mr Rotman.

Lotta, Egbert, Fenna, Sem and Milou all arrive at The Little Tulip Orphanage within months of each other, all breaking the abandonment rules set by Gassbeek. As they all turn 12, they are unlikely to be adopted. Milou, in particular, breaks the rules and causes the most problems for herself and her friends. It all goes terribly wrong one night after Milou has gone too far with Gassbeek.

Mr Rotman wants to adopt all the children, much to their surprise. What follows is an incredible adventure for the 5 unadoptable children. Rotman and Gassbeek are working together illegally and when the children find out, they must run for their lives.

Milou, of all the orphans, has the most hope for finding her real family. She has a set of clues to lead her “home” and she leads the group to a set of coordinates, where they find an abandoned windmill and theatre. Nosy neighbours and a searching Rotman mean they still have to be on guard.

The five friends form a family and help each other out day after day, cementing the bonds made while at the orphanage. This is truly a heart warming tale about finding your family in friends, allowing yourself to hope and daring to be who you are.

I can’t wait to see this in bookstores. I know it will fly off the shelves and be incredibly popular. It has the feel of a classic book, thoughtfully written, diverse characters and a plot line to keep you guessing!

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