Picture Book Perfect

Five new books to read, share and love!

The Grizzly Itch by Victoria Cassanell, Published by Macmillan

Bear has just come out of hibernation and feels an “unBEARable” itch. He just can’t reach it but luckily he knows of the perfect tree to scratch that scratch! Unfortunately, Bear is not the only Bear with an itch to scratch. He joins the queue but when it is finally his turn, something terrible happens. Beaver is on hand to help Bear find another tree. The new friends learn they can help each other in new and wonderful ways.

This is a beautifully illustrated debut picture book. I adore the style of illustrations and the message of unexpected surprises from new friendships.

The Incredible Hotel by Kate Davies and Isabelle Follath, Published by Frances Lincoln/Quarto

Stefan, the kitchen porter, is the under appreciated yet integral cog in the clockwork run Incredible Hotel. He starts every morning and ends every evening, and is essential in between. Stefan harbours a secret dream of baking and creating cake masterpieces, and wishes this dream could come true.

When the hotel announces that The Duchess of Delauney will be staying, it all starts to go terribly wrong for Stefan. Instead of being asked to help, he is told to leave. Without Stefan, everything goes wrong in the hotel. There is only one thing that can save the day and the hotel- an incredible profiterole tower.

A brilliant book with stunning and detailed illustrations, sure to make you crave profiteroles!

A Fox called Herbert by Margaret Sturton, Published by Andersen Press

Herbert is a rabbit but he loves Foxes! Starting with making new ears to painting his body, Herbert is trying very hard to be a good Fox. Sadly, Mum just wants him to be a good rabbit. Spotting a particularly “Foxy” looking dress, Herbert cuts into it to make the perfect fox tail.

Using all the pieces of his Fox costume, Herbert goes out to play with the foxes. Finding himself in trouble with Mum yet again, Herbert needs to make Mum understand- he can’t be a good rabbit because he is a Fox.

A wonderful book with powerful messages hidden inside. Herbert can’t be one thing when he feels he is something else entirely. Why can’t Mum just understand and accept him? A lovely book with wonderful illustrations.

The Pirates are Coming by John Condon and Matt Hunt, Published by Nosy Crow

This delightfully funny book starts out as a nod to The Boy who cried Wolf. Tom waits patiently at the top of the hill everyday and when he spies a boat in the harbour he runs through the town shouting, “The Pirates are Coming”, encouraging everyone to hide.

Tom gets it wrong time and time again, with his Dan gently and patiently calming him down and explaining in greater detail just what a pirate ship is- big, fast and with a special pirate flag.

Keeping in line with the famous story, Tom again waits on the Hill and again runs through the town shouting, but this time, no one hides until it is almost too late- the Pirates are here! A funny twist and surprise ending will delight readers. The illustrations are ingenious especially when you look for the townspeople hiding. A complete joy to read!

I am NOT an Elephant by Karl Newson and Ross Collins, Published by Macmillan

A sequel to the hugely popular I am a Tiger, this is an equally funny and silly book. Fiesty and bold mouse is having another case of mistaken identity. The animals seem to think he is an Elephant, or a sm-elephant. Mouse tries to convince them otherwise.

Mouse is well versed in animal languages, although he doesn’t seem to make the sounds we expect them too! Mouse or Moose, is not an Elephant but he does have a powerful message to share, “it’s what’s on the inside that counts, don’t you think?”. Lovely Mouse and a brilliant message! Perfect for sharing and reading aloud!


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