The Power of Picture Books

This is a new type of blog post for me, although it is about one of my favourite topics- picture books! Sometimes you come across a book that is much much more than just a story or a picture book- something powerful and emotive and stunning!

The Power of Picture Books will hopefully prove just how widely used a picture book can be, how it can inspire, evoke imagination and promote empathy.

The first in this series features Extraordinary! By Penny Harrison and Katie Wilson. It is published by New Frontier Publishing.

Being a nature lover I was immediately captivated by the front cover. A beautiful scene of stunning Autumnal colours, a young boy and his dog and what looks to be an adventure. I also loved the title Extraordinary!, a word I wish I used more in my daily life!

This book is not an adventure for just the boy and his dog but for the reader. Beginning with a question, “Have you ever had an extraordinary wish?”. A question that asking those with huge imaginations sparks conversations and fun. A question that makes you think.

Stemming from the wild and wonderful wishes are the reminders of what you already have and do that are amazing. This books encourages its readers, young and old, to remember fondly, those experiences and events that form their world. Whether a family camping trip, fun in the snow or swinging on the swings. Those moments that bring a smile to your face. These ordinary moments are actually extraordinary.

This is a book that encourages children to dream big and aim high! It reminds them to relive the memories they love the most. I adored this book and the illustrations are powerful and match the text in its power for the reader.

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