Little Tiger Wonders

I always adore picture books from Little Tiger Press. They are quirky, fun and imaginative. There can also be an underlying message of hope, friendship and belonging. The books featured tonight are just lovely and I am so pleased to have copies to read and enjoy.

A Little Bit Worried by Ciara Gavin and Tim Warnes.

Weasel finds himself stuck in a storm and feels very small and worried. He builds a home and feels safe and warm until one day a surprise guest arrives. Mole wants to play but Weasel is too worried to have fun and play games. A problem shared is a problem halved and so Weasel tells of his fear. Wise old Mole shares his perspective on the storm and shows Weasel how to face his fears. A very sweet tale of facing your fears with a friend at your side. Gorgeously illustrated and perfect for young children who may find storms scary too.

Don’t Mess with Duck by Becky Davies and Emma Levey

Duck doesn’t want to be social or friendly, he just wants peace and quiet. Traipsing away from his pond, he tries several others with little success of finding the oasis he craves. When a quiet place is finally found, Duck realises it is already home to Frog. Agreeing to avoid each other, they settle into a calm routine. When a surprise splashes into their pond, they realise they have formed a friendship and begin to welcome others to their oasis. Brightly illustrated, this is a gorgeous book to share.

Supermouse and the Big Cheese Robbery by MN Tahl and Mark Chambers

With peek through pages, lift the flaps and other delightful paper engineering, this book is awesome. Stunning illustrations and paper folding ensure the reader will be entertained for the whole mystery. When the Big Cheese is stolen, only one mouse can be relied upon to save the day, Supermouse. But, hot on the trail of the cheese, Supermouse gets trapped. Is this the end of the city’s hero? Surely not! Flip the flaps and lift the pages to find out what happens next.

Unicorn Club by Suzy Senior and Leire Martin

When Amy advertises a Unicorn Club, she is excited for her friends to arrive. When no one arrives, Amy sadly goes to her treehouse and finds the ultimate surprise waiting for her. Unicorns! They are all thrilled to join the club, have crafts and snacks together. Moving from the cramped treehouse to the garage, there is space for dancing and painting. Having so much fun together, they already have plans made for the next meeting. The illustrations in this book are bright and bold and delightful. How I wish I could join in with the club!

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