New Frontier Publishers Spotlight

During the half term I was lucky enough to attend an event at the offices of New Frontier Publishing. I always enjoy the books they publish and this was an exciting opportunity to visit, meet key people and see what brilliant new titles are planned for 2020.

It turns out New Frontier have BIG plans for the year and so much for readers to look forward to. Before we left the event, there was the joy of a goodie bag! Books and Chocolate in the shape of books- a perfect treat.

It was so wonderful to put faces to the names I have been emailing over the past few months. We were also treated to a talk from the author and illustrator duo of Hilary Robinson and Mandy Stanley. Their most recent collaboration is the hugely successful Gregory Goose is on the Loose series. Perfect for younger readers with a chance to find Gregory on each page as he travels through different habitats.

I want to share with you some of the delights from their catalogue and a sample of the titles in our goodie bags!

Written and Illustrated by Peter Carnavas

Blue Whale is singing the blues. He feels sad about his bike and helmet. Luckily, best friend Penguin is on hand to help Blue Whale feel better. With all the right answers to the problems, Penguin helps Blue Whale to stop singing the blues and to laugh a giant blue whale laugh. With a very blue colour palette, you can’t help but feel as though you are under the sea with the cast of this funny book.

Written and Illustrated by Peter Carnavas

A very philosophical book, reading from an adults perspective, asking the question, Why am I here? For children reading the book, the answer is simple- this is a story about the boy. Heart warming and life affirming, this book would make an incredible gift for those philosophical souls in your life. Ultimately the boy is here because he is part of something far greater than he could imagine. A wonderful book and beautifully illustrated.

Written and Illustrated by Peter Carnavas

Sarah carries around a heavy heart and it is really wearing her down. One day she sees a boy flying past her holding a string attached to a heart. His heart is too light and he constantly gets carried away. When they finally meet, Sarah ties their hearts together and the perfect friendship is formed. A stunning story about finding friends and love. The simple illustrations are perfect for the text as they work seamlessly together for a brilliant effect.

Written and Illustrated by Sally Anne Garland

LOVE- what we need and crave most! Mouse is loved and protected by his mother. She warns him of the bear who is big and dangerous. Mouse, as he grows, gets bolder and ventures further from home, exploring. There is so much wonder and beauty to discover in the world. When Mouse finally meets Bear, he sees only kindness in his eyes. Perhaps he isn’t scary after all. When a terrible storm rages, Mouse finds safety in a cave with Bear, feeling LOVE. This is one of those books that stays with you!

As you can see, there is a lot to look forward to in 2020 from New Frontier! I would love to share a picture of the chocolates but they didn’t last long. They were delicious though!


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