Wonderscape by Jennifer Bell

Written by Jennifer Bell, Cover by Paddy Donnelly, Published by Walker Books

This is one of the most highly anticipated books of 2020! Gaming, time travel and adventure are thrown together in this fascinating book.

“The story you hold in your hands describes a voyage to distant lands. An adventure through time and space, A quest to save our heroes’ fate. You will encounter within these pages great people from across the ages. So open up and turn the cover, Wonderscape is yours to discover.”

The perfect book to suite the gamer in your life, or the arm chair explorer, historian or dreamer. There is truly something for everyone in this MG fantasy!

We meet Arthur, Ren and Cecily as an explosion rocks a house on their estate. Drawn in to the house to rescue a dog, the action starts before we know much about the characters. One door closes and another opens- however it is a portal to a ship and 300 years into the future.

Given rhyming clues, magical cloaks and powers, as well as the chance to chat with famous and important figures from history helps them on their quest- not only to save one of the writers of the game but themselves. Sir Isaac Newton has delivered the news that they have a limited time to beat the game or the game with turn them into protoplasm. Beating levels, solving riddles and sharing pieces of themselves takes the reader through the ups and downs of an in reality adventure game.

Now, admittedly, I am not a gamer but if this was a game, sign me up. It was a fascinating insight into what virtual reality games could aspire to, the use of historical figures, riddles and battles. The cloaks in particular were ingenious- they would offer clues to the wearer about their new powers. When a level was complete, one of the three heroes would gain a new ability or power. A great way to keep the game fresh and new within each level.

A thoughtful plot line, relatable characters (the friends who wouldn’t normally be friends scenario), and an overwhelming desire to beat the game and get home- sheer brilliance!

Travel with Wonder

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