This is the third week of #MGTakesOnThursday led by the brilliant @marysimms72. The idea is to recommend middle grade books, describe them in three words and share our favourite sentence from page 11 in the book. In the hope it will inspire others to pick up MG books, this is a great thread to follow.

In the first week I recommended Demelza and the Spectre Detectors by Holly Rivers, Published by Chicken House. Last week I highlighted the superb The House on Hoarder Hill by Mikki Lish and Kelly Ngai, also published by Chicken House.

For my third recommendation I am choosing Tiger Heart by Penny Chrimes, Published by Orion Children’s Books.

This book in three words: Courage, Love, Freedom

My favourite sentence from Page 11: (Must admit- read this on my kindle so counted 11 pages and it may differ from physical book) “You have blue blood- royal blood- in your veins, insisted the tiger, and he sank down and bent his knees and bowed his head to Fly.”

My full review of Tiger Heart can be found using the link below.


Now to hunt for a book for Week 4- I have too many I want to highlight and recommend!

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