Amazing Islands Blog Tour- Guest Post

This book kept me busy for a full morning- poring over minute details, looking at the fold out map and learning new facts and places. It would make a wonderful addition to any class or library! Thank you to Sabrina Weiss for this guest post!

Sabrina Weiss

                                                 Discover the uniqueness of each island

With planes parked on runways and ships docked at ports, we can only daydream about our next island adventure. Take a moment to stare up at the sky, into the clouds, and fix your mind on some far-away location. Perhaps you can see an undiscovered volcanic island on the horizon or a tropical archipelago with dolphins leaping from the water as you pass by. 

I love exploring islands and in our new book I want to bring you along for the adventure! As an avid diver and budding photographer, I have always been drawn to islands where I can plunge into the deep blue and marvel at animals. In Sri Lanka, I spotted a rare blue whale – the largest animal to ever exist on Earth – from afar; in Indonesia it was a ghost pipefish that left me in awe, while in Thailand I turned my hobby into a job for a little while and trained to become a dive guide. It always amazes me how each island is completely different even to those nearby. Sri Lanka, Koh Tao in Thailand and Indonesia all had something completely different to offer. And each one left an impression with me. Naturally, they all found a place in Amazing Islands.

The book also casts a spotlight on islands I have never visited. They lie so far out at sea and are incredibly difficult to reach. That’s probably a good thing as the people, animals and plants that inhabit these islands thrive in splendid isolation. The Revillagigedo archipelago for one is made up of four volcanic islands. It is technically part of the Mexican state Colima, but lies some 700 km west from the mainland. The islands are essentially an ocean way station along the migratory routes of hammerhead sharks, giant manta rays and whale sharks. These pelagic fish will cruise the strong currents that pass through these islands. A diver’s dream.

Researching and writing about 100 islands for this book certainly transported me there – and hopefully it will you, too. Amazing Island is a fact-filled, colourful round-the-world island tour with beautiful illustrations to immerse into. We can all dream a little for now.

AMAZING ISLANDS is written by Sabrina Weiss (@sabrinamweiss) and illustrated by Kerry Hyndman (@kerryhyndman) out now in hardback (£14.99, What on Earth Books)

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