Father’s Day Picture Books

Father’s Day is a day for celebrating the dads out there. It can be a wonderful day but it can also be filled with sadness for those who have lost a father in some capacity. Hopefully this post will joyously promote a few books with Dads featuring.

Three of these are completely new to me while the others sit proudly on my bookshelf. There are countless more books with Dads as a prominent character and I could add them here but I have gone for some favourites in our house.

A charming, funny story of Dads getting sent to school and acting as children. Show and tell becomes a celebration of the uniqueness of each Dad. They may be late or sleepy sometimes but they are special to their own children.
Written by Adam and Charlotte Guillain, Illustrated by Ada Grey
Published by Egmont
A true celebration of Dads! They come in all shapes and styles and have unique features, traits and ways to be fun. They do different jobs, have hobbies and favourite foods.
Written by Ruth Redford, Illustrated by Dan Taylor
Published by Egmont
Pearl has high hopes for fun, sweets and silliness when going to new friend Matilda’s house. Assuming that because Matilda has two dads they will be more fun, but it turns out they are just as boring and “parenty” as her own Mum and Dad.
Written and Illustrated by Mel Elliott
Published by Egmont
Raj and his Dad have planned the ultimate adventure and even though most of their plans change, they still have the best day together. Turning everything into a positive and enjoying time together makes this book a special one to share.
Written and Illustrated by Seb Brown
Published by Templar Books
Dad is exhausted trailing after two children worried about time. Being late, needing more time are all Dad can think of, until it comes to story time. Five more minutes when sharing a story is always allowed. Busy parents will relate to this story!
Written and Illustrated by Marta Altés
Published by Macmillan
Dad is trying to read Sophie a bedtime story but he is constantly interrupted as Sophie tells her own version of the story. The story gets out of hand and Dad looks frazzled at the end but it is a complete delight for the imaginative Sophie. Bedtime stories will never be the same!
Written by Will Mabbitt, Illustrated by Fred Blunt
Published by Puffin
Katie tries to convince her Dad to buy her a pet. Hoping for a small, quiet pet, Dad asks Katie to describe what she wants. When she decides on a zebra, Dad thinks no! But will he be able to pass up a buy one get one free offer?
Written by Jenna Harrington, Illustrated by Finn Simpson
Published by Little Tiger Press
Gracie Grabbit’s Daddy is a robber and a trip to the zoo becomes an eventful afternoon. With plenty of funny mix-ups and a tiger encounter, Gracie tries to teach her Dad to be good!
Written and Illustrated by Helen Stephens
Published by Scholastic

This is a hilarious book celebrating the funny things we do as adults as viewed through the eyes of the children watching them. Being clumsy, rude, grumpy and messy- all part of growing up and into an adult!
Written by Davide Cali, Illustrated by Benjamin Chaud
Published by Chronicle Kids

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