A weekly event celebrating Middle Grade Fiction….hosted by Mary Simms at BookCraic.

The idea is simple…choose a brilliant middle grade book you have loved, and tell why! Choose three words to describe the book and then turn to page 11 and share your favourite sentence.

Today I have chosen NeverMoor, The Trials of Morrigan Crow by Jessica Townsend. I have chosen it as I read it, thoroughly enjoyed it but never managed to find time to read the sequel Wundersmith.

Written by Jessica Townsend, Illustrations by Beatriz Castro
Published by Orion (Hachette)

Now I am delving back in so I am fully prepared for Wundersmith and the the third Hollowpox! The third, is set to be published in October.

NeverMoor in three words…Mystery, Magic and Mayhem!

Page 11 Sentence: “The truth that she and every cursed child knew deep in their bones, had tattooed on their hearts: I’m going to die on Eventide night.”

It perfectly sums the beginning of the story and leaves us curious as to what can possibly happen to this young girl we have already come to root for!

Wish me luck as I delve back into NeverMoor with Morrigan and the fascinating Jupiter North!


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