Agent Asha: Mission Shark Bytes Blog Tour

Sign me up for this Spy Agency Series and to be a spy please! This unique new series is set to take the world by storm! Girls in STEM books are always welcome on my bookshelves and in my libraries.

Asha is gifted and fearless when it comes to coding, hacking and overriding systems. It seems her efforts and skills have not gone unnoticed….she is now the newest recruit of the top secret Children’s Spy Agency. Heading to the library, she finds herself immediately put to work to solve a case where the world’s underwater internet cables are being bitten and destroyed.

Using her unique set of skills and her understanding of the world, she quickly deduces the reasons and sets to work to stop the evil genius. Meeting other talented children in the agency is a perk to the job, as is all the access to cool new gadgets….I mean who wouldn’t want a MegaFart Selfie Stick…no explanation needed for how cool that is!

Asha proves herself time and time again throughout this exciting adventure and I was in awe of her quick wits, quick typing and quick solving of the mystery! You may not believe what was attacking the internet cables… but it is all in a days work for the newest recruit!

Loved the added extras with this book…protocols, morse code, password help. Kids will absolutely devour this book!

My kids and I scanned the QR code and are at the stage of having to decode a word to enter the site….so much added bonus fun to be had!

I think this will be a hugely successful series featuring clever kids using their talents and skills to defeat the baddies!

If I could be recruited I would hope for a cool gadget to carry around with me…perhaps something to help me understand the animals around the world. I could flip a switch to the continent I was on, then choose the species and then when they made a noise, I would know what they said!

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