The Power of Picture Books- I’m Sticking with You!

Written by Smriti Halls, Illustrated by Steve Small, Published by Simon and Schuster

The Power of Picture books feature was created as I adore picture books! So many of them share powerful messages of love, hope and friendship. Then comes along a book with a true heart and soul. These are the ones I feature….and I’m Sticking with You celebrating the ups and downs of friendships is one to highlight.

In a time when we are unable to see our friends and family comes along a book with a firm reminder of the importance of friendships. I’m Sticking with you is a beautifully illustrated book about Bear and Squirrel. Though they are as different as two animals could possibly be, they are the best of friends.

After Bear breaks Squirrel’s favourite tea cup, Squirrel gets cross and stays cross and annoyed. Over time, Squirrel is finding the friendship a little over’bear’ing, getting cross and grumpy with Bear. Bear just wants to make things better but his size is an issue. Squirrel has had enough and needs some space (literally)!

Squirrel gets all the space he needs and initially feels better for a moment….then he realizes he misses Bear.

Friendships have their highs and lows as we all know but it is true strength in a friendship to say sorry! To know that you have to work hard, communicate and be honest with each other.

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