Picture Book Perfect- Part One

From the funny to the sublime, heartwarming and full of charm, all of the books in today’s feature are amazing. Whether through the story, the depth of the illustrations or the joy your heart will find through reading them, these are memorable picture books.

Together by Jane Chapman, Published by Little Tiger

This nature inspired book will delight young and old with the simplicity of the story and the beauty of the illustrations. A young gorilla feeling alone and worried finds strength from being together with others. A stunning book showing compassion and empathy towards sadness and feelings of fear. Thoughtfully written and perfect for sharing with younger readers. I love the use of tones and colour in this book and felt comforted as the young gorilla finds magic in the world around him.

Ninja by Arree Chung, Published by Macmillan

What a delight this is! Written in comic book and superhero style, the story follows a young Ninja on the hunt for milk and cookies. Avoiding obstacles and being the element of surprise is all part of the game. The Ninja has everything he needs to complete his mission but doesn’t count on being dishonoured by his little sister. Perfect for boisterous boys and brave girls, this might create havoc in a house as they try to recreate the fun themselves! Another superb book from award winning Arree Chung,

This is Crab by Harriet Evans and Jacqui Lee, Published by Caterpillar Books (Little Tiger)

A funny book, with a striking front cover, encourages audience participation, from drum rolls to shaking the book to telling Crab off for pinching and playing hide and seek. There is fun interactions on each and every page. A brilliant new way to learn about crabs and ocean creatures with gentle messages about kindness and being yourself. The bold and colourful illustrations bring ocean life to the pages of Crab’s story and children will adore meeting crab and his friends. This is the third in the series, following on from This is Owl and This is Frog.

Poo in the Zoo, The Great Poo Mystery by Steve Smallman and Ada Grey, Published by Little Tiger

A hilarious sequel to Poo in the Zoo, this book will have children giggling with glee as we all know they love a book featuring poo! When zookeeper Bob wakes up to find his zoo covered in poo, he knows he needs help fast. Arabella Slater, Poo Investigator, arrives and quickly solves the mystery but not without holding her breath and watching her step. Colourful illustrations, rhyming text and poo…what a fantastic combination.

Found You by Devon Holzwarth, Published by Scholastic

A moving and magical story that will encourage children to overcome shyness and find the courage to make new friends. Sami is new and doesn’t speak the language, finding it hard to understand other children in school. In the park one day, Little Bird finds Sami and decides to help him find friends by pretending to be lost. During the hunt to find her home, they encounter people that Sami was previously scared of and the realisation that friends can be found anywhere if you look hard enough. The true joy of this story is the repetition of Little Bird once she helps Sami. Enchanting illustrations will ensure all fall into the pages of this story.

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