Non Fiction Wonders!

Our World

Words by Sue Lowell Gallion, Pictures by Lisk Feng
Published by Phaidon

Our World provides our youngest book lover and future geographer with a view on the world. Uniquely shaped to open fully into a free standing globe, this book appeals visually and tactically. Short rhyming verse span the pages and provides that first vocabulary for geography and nature. There are great descriptions opposite the rhyming text to provide those deeper understandings of places in the world and weather affecting them. The illustrations are completely immersive and engaging, drawing the reader in to explore the world.

World of Wonder Mountains

Written by Charlotte Guillain, Illustrated by Chris Madden
Published by Words and Pictures (Quarto)

Another book to journey around the world with, this time exploring mountains; their formation, wildlife and nature. Books like this are fast becoming my favourite thing to buy for school libraries and as gifts. Full of incredible illustrations and with a focus on beauty alongside technical vocabulary, they are a joy to behold. Mountains we know well and a few new ones are featured ensuring nearly every continent is represented, and with the all important message about protecting and sustaining nature.

The Farm that Feeds Us

Written by Nancy Castaldo, Illustrations by Ginnie Hsu
Published by Words and Pictures (Quarto)

Following a small family farm through a year is a fascinating glimpse into farming and how it works seasonally. With tips on growing, harvesting and keeping livestock, this will inform and delight readers. Starting in Spring, travelling around the year through to Winter, the reader follows the inner workings of the farm. Filled with technical language and joyful illustrations this will be the perfect addition to any classroom studying farming.

When Darwin Sailed The Sea

Written by David Long, Illustrated by Sam Kalda
Published by Wide Eyed Editions

Darwin is an important historical figure and this book allows him to be more accessible to younger readers. Set in a biographical format, the text is easy to read, full of facts and stunning illustrations. The discoveries made by Darwin have changed our views on nature and wildlife and inspired countless others to explore and discover! I loved reading more about Darwin and the double page illustrations are sublime and it felt as though I were there traversing the globe with him.

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