Monsieur Roscoe On Holiday by Jim Field

Bonjour et Bienvenue sir mon blog! Hello and Welcome!

Any book that has Jim Field as the author or illustrator is one I intend to buy and support! Being one of the biggest fans of the Oi series of books, I knew I would adore Monsieur Roscoe! This is a new adventure for Jim Field and it is completely charming!

Being bilingual or indeed, someone with a talent for more than two languages is something I am entirely jealous of. What a world of opportunity that opens up with those skills. Jim says, in raising his daughter in France, she, at 4 years old, is already correcting her Dad’s French. There is a gap in the market for this type of highly illustrated book featuring a charming gentleman character like Monsieur Roscoe.

Monsieur Roscoe is off on holiday to visit some friends and we get to tag along for the journey. You have a few options as you read the story. Read it through entirely as a story and go back to learn new vocabulary or stop and learn new words along the way. Either way, by the time you finish you will have learned plenty of new words for those everyday items we know so well.

From clothes and transportation to food, weather and places to visit, there is so much for children to spot on each page. With Jim Field’s enormous illustrative talents, this book is not just fun for young French speakers but for everyone!

The adorable cards that came along with the book are so wonderful. I am tempted to frame them to have a piece of Jim Field’s artwork in my house.

There are plenty of games to play with these from remembering and practicing French words to spotting the scenes from the story.

You could also tell the story using the cards to remind you of where Monsieur Roscoe went to and who he met, extra points if you can remember their names!

I hope Monsieur Roscoe has some other adventures planned as he is adorable and perfect for teaching us French! Merci Beaucoup et Au Revoir Monsieur Roscoe!

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