Picture Book Perfect for Bedtimes

Sometimes you just need a book that feels like a cuddle before bed, a book that warms your heart and calms your soul. A book that winds down a busy mind, and slows a racing heart! These five books tick all the boxes for the perfect bedtime story!

Owl Always Love You is a brilliant board book for the very youngest of readers. Saying goodnight to the sleepy small animals as they snuggle down for a lovely night of sleep is a great routine builder for getting ready for bed. We see them in their forest homes and the dark background immediately sets the tone for night-time. With cut through pages giving a glimpse into the next page, it will be a delight for readers to read with their hands as well as their eyes. A truly beautiful book for babies!

Adventurous Samuel is tired of being still and quiet but is he ready for adventure in the jungle? With a Dinglewot guiding him and providing much needed confidence, Samuel gives things a try! He “left all of his worries and fears at the door” and follows the Dinglewot, seeing new parts of the world and meeting new animals. This incredibly colourful and beautiful book will give children the courage to follow Samuel as he steps out of his comfort zone and experiences new things.

Let Owl guide you on how to get the best night sleep! With easy directions, it should be a simple plan but Owl doesn’t account for noisy geese, cats and dogs. Poor Owl just wants to sleep but with endless and hilarious noises, Owl needs to politely ask them to keep their voices down! Soon everyone gets settled down and sleepy but soon, it is Owl making all the noise. A completely delightful and wonderfully illustrated book to help readers fall asleep with a smile on their faces!

Bramble the Fox is searching for fireflies, managing to wake up Hazel the hedgehog. Owl guides them to the lake where Bramble meets a rather rude fox and feels angry at the behaviour of this fox. Finding Twig, the Owl, Bramble explains the incident and they all go to back to try and make friends. Echoes, reflections and the light of the moon conspire together to make this night time tale perfect for bedtime. Glorious illustrations of soft, muted colours with splashes of poppy red are amazing!

Arlo the Lion is having trouble getting to sleep, nothing is just right for him. Meeting nocturnal Owl, Arlo seeks help. Owl sings a beautiful and lyrical song which sends Arlo into a dream filled sleep. Excited to share his good night with Owl, he forgets she sleeps during the day and accidentally wakes her up. Arlo sings Owl to sleep and their wonderful song sends the grumpy pride to sleep as well! Stunning illustrations are a true highlight of this book and will be appreciated by all who read the story.

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