The Beast and the Bethany by Jack Meggitt-Phillips- Blog Tour!

Written by Jack Meggitt-Philips
Illustrated by Isabelle Follath
Published by Egmont

Mr Ebenezer Tweezer has become accustomed to the wonderful things in life though he rarely notices or appreciates them any longer.

When we first meet Ebenezer, he is buying a beautiful and talented “Wintlorian Purple-Breasted Parrot”. As a reader we believe it is to keep him company and to stop him feeling lonely as he approaches his 512th birthday. However, by the end of the chapter we realise the truth.

On the very top floor of Ebenezer’s house lives a beast. Grey with “three black eyes, two black tongues and a large dribbling mouth”, he is horrific to look at and smells even worse. The beast is the key to the wonders that fill Ebenezer’s home for after he is fed, he will vomit up whatever Ebenezer wishes for. Gross but important!

Ebenezer is beholden to the beast for the potions that keep him looking youthful and feeling young. When the beast asks for his next meal, Ebenezer learns new emotions and must deal with his conscience.

Adopting an unruly, rude child named Bethany creates more havoc in Ebenezer’s life. Bethany makes a mess and challenges Ebenezer constantly. He has sealed her fate in exchange for his youth- will he be able to feed the beast?

This is the start of a new, dark and twisted series, perfect for fans of Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events. With moments of friendship, beastliness, danger and learning to stand up for yourself, it is one to watch in 2020!


  1. Ooh, I’m torn. I really love the sound of this but absolutely HATED Lemony Snicket with a passion! Reckon I should give it a go or avoid at all costs?!


    1. Interesting that you hated the Lemony Snicket series….I loved them! But saying that, there is more to this book than its links to that series. I would give it a try. I actually have an extra copy of the proof if you would like to give it a go?

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