The Key to Finding Jack by Ewa Jozefkowicz

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  • Post a picture of the front cover of a middle grade book which you have read and would recommend to others, with details of author, illustrator and publisher.
  • Open the book to Page 11 and share your favourite sentence
  • Write three words to describe the book
  • Either share why you recommend the book or link to your review
Written by Ewa Jozefkowicz, Illustrated by Katy Riddell, Published by Zephyr

Unfortunately I cannot find my book as I think my daughter has taken it to school with her so I won’t be able to find the sentence from page 11.

Three Words to describe the book…mystery, family and puzzles

My Recommendation: Flick idolises her older brother Jack. With four years between them, they are good friends and share a bond over solving puzzles. Jack is off on an adventure to South America and Flick will miss him greatly. He sends them video messages, texts and love from across the miles.

During a creative writing lesson, Flick begins a mysterious story that gains positive attention from her teacher and classmates. It is after this lesson that Flick’s world falls apart. There has been a huge earthquake in Brazil, and they are unable to get a hold of Jack. Fearing the worst, Flick and her parents feel helpless and sad, calling his mobile, rewatching videos, re-reading text messages, all to keep him alive in their minds.

Finding herself spending time in Jack’s room, she finds a locked box under his bed. A clue saying “For S.F to keep until I’m Back” leads her on a chase to find Jack. Who is S.F? Flick begins to put clues together and it may just be enough to find Jack!

Completely enthralling, I found myself willing the clues to fall into place and for Flick to have a happy ending. I really enjoyed reading this book and found it the perfect blend of family, love and mystery. A story within a story, there is much to enjoy with this book!

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