Picture Book Perfect For Families and Babies

Endorsed by AdoptionUK and written by an adoptive dad this book is a sensitive and honest story about the adoption process from the eyes of the children. Beautiful illustrations provide comfort to the reader as they follow the path of two scared and worried bears. Being warm and safe in their blanket onesies and group hugs give the two bears hope for their forever home. This book needs to be in schools offering support to those in the adoption process. It is also entirely useful for others to read this to gain perspective into what friends and classmates may be going through. Important and relevant, this will be on my library shelves in September. I hope it offers hope and support for anyone in this process!

Another important and entirely relevant book for children. This book celebrates the wonder of bringing babies into the world in a variety of ways. From premature babies and IVF babies to those being adopted, this delightful and charming book introduces children to new families. Dealt with sensitively, the robots offer a buffer between being too explicit with human bodies while explaining the basics for children. Written by an author with experience with a successful IVF and in conversation with focus groups about their experiences with fertility issues. The illustrations are charming and have a retro vibe that I think suits the book perfectly.

A young bird is eagerly awaiting the arrival of his little brother, but when the doorbell rings time and time again, the brother never arrives. In his place are countless animals delivered with the guarantee that there are no mistakes in the delivery service of the giraffe, cat, elephant or mouse. Little Bird is getting quite angry and frustrated with a houseful of animals that don’t belong to his family. Charming and boldly drawn illustrations add humour to the situation. A perfect book for sharing with young readers who will appreciate the arrival of favourite animals! A lovely book to share with children in an expecting family waiting for their own new arrival.

A delightful and fun lift the flap board book perfect for mini budding scientists and curious children. Each page shows a skeleton of a well known and perhaps favourite animal, providing clues to help guess which animal it may be. Once a guess has been made, readers can lift the page to open up the animal in a beautiful double page spread. It then becomes easier to identify where the bones feature in the animal and will surely provide plenty of opportunity to discuss bones and skeletons in a fun and engaging way.

This boldly illustrated and colourful book will enchant readers as they are introduced to a number of ways people show kindness in the world. From saying hello to watering plants to sharing toys. Allowing our children to see kindness will give them a better chance to grow up kind and recognise kindness in its many forms. This book is a perfect board book, sturdy and full of lively illustrations. It forms part of a series by author-illustrator Sophie Beer. Other titles include Love Makes a Family and Change Starts with Us. Brilliant set for our youngest readers.

Under the Stars is an incredibly gorgeous book celebrating our commonalities and love for our family, our experiences and our world. Told in beautiful, rhythmic rhyme, it rolls off the tongue and could be read as a poem. Watching a fox cub explore, relax and play with its parent under the sun is a lovely reminder that we all share the world, “the world is a family” and “we’re so lucky to be here together, in this beautiful world that we love”. A superb reminder to love our world and each other, this would make the perfect bedtime story.

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