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  • Open the book to page 11 and share your favourite sentence
  • Write three words to describe the book
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Today I am sharing the third book in a wonderfully spooky and hilarious series called Skeleton Keys, The Legend of Gap-Tooth Jack! Written by Guy Bass and Illustrated by Pete Williamson, Published by Little Tiger.

Page 11 is actually an illustration of Skeleton Keys, so I went to page 12 to choose a favourite sentence. “For although I was far that-a-way in the comfort of my Doorminion, I felt the twitch, that most soul-clattering rattle of the bones that alerts me to a new unimagining.”

Three Words to describe this….mysterious, unbelievable, imaginative

My review… I love this series! It is hilarious, spooky and perfect for cold Autumn evenings. We are very familiar with Skeleton Keys now and his sidekick Daisy, with the backwards head and it is always nice to welcome them back for a new unimagining tale.

This time we meet Wordy Gerdy, an unimagining who re-writes everything around her so Kasper is not surprised that his Dad is a giant bunny or that the twins are baby elephants. Wordy Gerdy has made it all happen so it becomes normal.

Travelling back in time, they arrive to the time of Gap-Tooth Jack. However, Skeleton Keys needs to avoid running into himself in this story or things will change irrevocably. With plenty of secrets to unravel, this story will keep you guessing right until the end!

Skeleton Keys is a superb character, and though slightly scary looking, we know he is rather harmless and more likely to make a few mistakes that direct the story in new directions. A thrilling plot and I love that Daisy still remains as charming as ever!

Buy this series to keep young readers entertained and imagining their own unimaginings!

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