Midnight Magic Blog Tour

This adorable book is perfect for the spooky Autumn season. Written in verse and with superb illustrations, this will be a popular book for young readers. There are brilliant teachers notes to accompany the book if used in school, written by Scott Evans (@MrEPrimary), which can be found here, http://littletiger.co.uk/image/data/Midnight_Magic_Resources.pdf

I loved the characters of Trixie and Midnight. Luckily for us, Michelle Harrison has kindly taken the time to introduce us to her beloved characters in this guest post!

Image preview


Likes: Trixie, doing spells, flying broomsticks, ear scratches

Dislikes: spells going wonky, the vet, fleas

Jet black and born on the stroke of midnight, this little kitten sparks magic into everything around her – even bringing a dusty old broomstick to life. But when Midnight’s powers are too much for her family it leaves her looking for a place to call home.


Likes: Midnight, mischief, magic, stories

Dislikes: homework, liquorice

Fun-loving Trixie has always wanted a pet, but she never imagined she’d end up with a magical cat, let alone one that flies a broomstick . . .


Likes: sweeping, flying

Dislikes: bent bristles, being chased and chewed by Doodle

Everyone could use a loyal flying broomstick friend like Twiggy. A super sweeper around the house and avoider of traffic jams, Twig’s only fault is a tendency to be a bit excitable and clumsy – but it’s nothing Midnight can’t fix!


Likes: rules, routines, tea, Dad-stuff

Dislikes: magic, being late, ironing

When Midnight first appears, straight-laced Dad is more worried about scratched furniture and hair balls when it comes to owning a cat, but he soon realises there’s more to Midnight than meets the eye.


Likes: her family, custard creams, being busy

Dislikes: soggy biscuits, bad manners

Hobby-mad Nan is always on the go and looking for ways to amuse herself. But Nan has a certain twinkle in her eye – perhaps magic isn’t so new to her after all?


Likes: walkies, din-dins, playing fetch, snoozes

Dislikes: magic, the postman

WOOF! Dim-witted Doodle is quite happy about Midnight’s and Twiggy’s arrival. He’s not so keen on the magic tricks, but Twiggy is an excellent stick to play fetch with. If only Twig wouldn’t keeping cheating and flying out of reach . . .

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