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How to Join In:

  • Post a picture of a middle grade book you have read and would recommend to others, including information about author, illustrator and publisher
  • Turn to page 11 and share your favourite sentence
  • Choose three words to describe the book
  • Either share the link to your review or write your recommendation

Boy, Everywhere by A.M. Dassu, Illustrated by Zainab Faidhi, Published by Old Barn Books

Page 11 Sentence: “They probably bombed the outskirts of the city, I reassured myself again.” This is an important sentence to the entire story and we can feel the fear and worry begin to set in for Sami.

Three Words to Describe this book: Honest, Harrowing, Hopeful

My Review: This is an honest and harrowing journey of a refugee family from war torn Syria, attempting to be asylum seekers in England. From privilege in Damascus to poverty and detention in England, be prepared for plenty of heart wrenching and scary moments.

Emotional, heart wrenching and terrifying- this journey is told from the perspective of the 13 year old Sami as he faces changes beyond all recognition to his life, family and world.

When Sami is sent home from school early due to a bombing, he has no idea just how this will impact his life. Within days, his family has sold their house, car and much of their belongings. With no time to say goodbye to friends, Sami must be brave and face dangers he has only witnessed on the news. Not everyone is friendly and welcoming to people from other countries, regardless of status within their home country.

Long drives, flights, detention centres and separation from his mum and sister are only part of the journey. Boat rides, police and dangerous men provide the stuff of Sami’s nightmares. Unknown time frames keep the family stuck in limbo throughout the journey and information is limited and full of questions.

Read this with a tissue and a brave soul as it is harrowing to think that this is real for many children. What they have witnessed and lived through is only a portion of what we see on the news. We cannot imagine what people fleeing war are going through, but this book will certainly open your eyes and heart.

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