New Feel Good Favourites

Mini Reviews and Synopsis

I always find this season, in the run up to Christmas, the perfect time to read feel good books. Ones with happy endings but with thoughtful plots and some tears blended in to enhance the emotions. The three in this post are feel good, emotional, hopeful and wonderful seasonal reads. Read on to find out why these should be added to your TBR pile!

The Soup Movement by Ben Davis

To aid his recovery from a life-threatening illness Jordan and his family move out of the city for a healthy new start. Jordan’s getting enough funny looks as the new boy at school as it is, without his Mum giving him homemade soup every day for lunch! But when Jordan meets a homeless man called Harry, and gives him the soup, it is the start of an unlikely friendship. Soon the two of them begin giving soup to the other homeless people around town and when his sister shares their antics on Instagram the #SOUPMOVEMENT begins-they even make it on the news!

A heart warming chain of events is started with sadness and change. When Jordan moves to a new home to heal and recover from cancer, he is inspired to be kind by best friend Rio. By offering a homeless man his homemade soup one day, a movement is begun to feed and fight for the plight of the homeless people. Jordan’s sister Abi begins tracking this story on Instagram and it creates quite a stir in the community. At times, my heart was wrenched while at others it was joyous and light. Sensitive subjects are not shied away from, in fact they are dealt with head on and in perfect form. Grief, bereavement, childhood illness, homelessness, and the sharing of kindnesses is all featured within the pages of this incredible page turner. A brilliant book to start a new movement across the world- one of sharing kindness, not just during festive periods but all year long! This book disappeared quickly into the hands of a student when the blurb was read aloud!

The Good Bear by Sarah Lean

It’s the Christmas holidays and Thea is looking forward to spending them with her father. She can tell him all about her plans to become a writer, and maybe he’ll buy her the typewriter she’s been dreaming of.

But when Thea arrives in Norway, everything feels . . . wrong. Her father is as distant as ever and now she has to share him with his new family: his girlfriend Inge and her children. Then Thea makes a surprising discovery. Deep in the snowy woods by the house, is a bear. He’s scared and hungry and he desperately needs Thea’s help.

This was a heart warming and adventurous story filled with important themes of fitting in, family dynamics and animal cruelty. Thea is an honest girl intent on helping the bear with whom she feels a deep connection. The snowy and cold setting of Norway bring the Christmas feel to the story along with Thea’s beautiful relationship with the bear.
Creating a character wanting to write is inspired and will encourage the reader to embark upon their own story, though Thea wants to write on a typewriter (story is set before ipads, mobile phones) and I loved this element and could almost hear the keys banging onto the paper. Both Thea and the bear have trust issues to work through and fear holding them back at times but there is such hope and beauty in this story. Be prepared and read this with a box of tissues as it has some emotional moments.

Otter’s Moon by Susanna Bailey

Luke hates his life. His dad is busy with a shiny replacement family and his mum has insisted they spend their holiday on a remote Scottish island.
Then Luke meets Meg, who lives with her grandfather in a boarded-up boat house on the beach. And when together they rescue an otter pup that they name Willow, a chink of light appears in Luke’s dark and lonely days.

Divorce is incredibly hard for children of any age and the changes in family life can affect all areas of a child’s life. Luke is finding it isolating being on holiday on a remote Scottish island, and away from his Dad. Finding a friend in Meg, Luke discovers more about himself than he imagined for this holiday. For example, he seems to have an affinity for working with otters, which he helps to rescue. Working together with Meg to save Willow (the young adorable otter, Luke works through some of his emotions and thoughts. Heartwarming and emotional, this book does not shy away from issues involving divorce, anger and friendships. The setting is gorgeous and immediately makes me want to drop everything and find a remote Scottish Island to live on. Beautifully told, this is an exquisite read.

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