Weekly Event celebrating all things middle grade! Hosted by the wonderful BookCraic

How to Join In…

  • Post a picture of a middle grade book you have recently read and share the important bits like author, illustrator and publisher!
  • Turn to page 11 and choose your favourite sentence!
  • Choose three words to describe the book!
  • Post a short review or link to your review

Pleasant Grove by Jason Price

Written by Jason Price, Available on Amazon

Page 11- “How big was the monster? Was it dripping saliva out of a mouth of gnarled teeth?”

Three Words- Sci-Fi, Spooky, Intense

Mini Review-

Pleasant Grove is a fast paced adventure story about a group of children hell-bent to uncover the truth about their town. With plenty of twists and turns, intrigue and intensity, you will be left breathless with tension.

Secrets seem to be the glue holding the story together and though the characters provide some insight throughout, there is still plenty to guess as you read. The characters are well invented and the courage and determination of the children is admirable. It has a Stranger Things vibe to it- which is very popular at the moment so a perfect book for fans of the show!

I owe a debt of thanks to Jason for reaching out across the pond offering to send his book over. I apologise it has taken so long for me to due him the justice the book deserves. Superb writing and a fantastically imagined story. One of the best MG Sci-Fi I have come across!

In an interview with fellow book blogger, Ariel from The Book View (thebookview.com) Jason had this to say about his book “Pleasant Grove is a book for middle-graders and the middle-grader inside us all. For kids, I want them to experience the same sense of wonder those classic movies gave me when the greatest adventures could begin in the backyard of an ordinary house in a small town. For adults, I hope the story taps into the wonders of nostalgia – a reminder of what it was once like to be 12-years-old, in all its scary, funny, heartbreaking glory. Amblin movies are eternal because they tell children they can fly, and remind adults that we were once children who did. I aimed to capture the same spirit inside the pages of a book.”

You can find it on Amazon!

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